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Cars November 29, 2010 posted by

Old Memories of a Civic

So, I finally decided to post my own ride. A while back I did a solo-photoshoot.It kind of felt weird not being surrounded by others who usually have more equipment and better…

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Cars September 16, 2010 posted by

Local Car: Just in Time

Tyler Prill can tell you that it’s never really easy waiting for parts to arrive from Japan.  Apart from the full Stillen exhaust and the Cobb access port tune, courtesy…

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Cars July 28, 2010 posted by

Kyle’s Sunkist Skyline

Silver on Orange? Yes plz. This Rb20 powered Skyline GTS is on the right path to glory. With all the bolt ons heading in the right direction which include  its…

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Cars February 16, 2010 posted by

Drift Civic

Found this on SpeedHunters today and had to share. Thanks to an F20C drive train we get to see how cool it is to drift an EG hatch.

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Cars February 8, 2010 posted by

BoSask-Zuko in Progress

Finally, someone in Sask has stepped up and decided to give us a little taste of Bosozoku style. This ’91 MX83 slammed on Teins is a work in progress but…

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