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Cars November 5, 2013 posted by

SEMA2013: Day 1

Alright! Here it is, our first bit of coverage from SEMA 2013. We have lots more to come so if you don’t know I’m here to let you know! First…

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SEMA2013: Day 1
Cars July 31, 2013 posted by

WWW: Fresh Off the Boat

Being the guy behind the camera, I’ve acquired a taste for people’s general disinterest in what I drive. This is, of course, with good reason; the interest should be in…

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Cars June 26, 2013 posted by

WWW: No Regrets

First and foremost, let me begin by saying that Louren Sansregret might have the most appropriate last name for drifting I’ve ever heard (well, in addition to Powers). Allow me…

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Cars June 19, 2013 posted by

WWW: Quite Rightly…

They have no Facebook group. There’s no videos of them tearing up the street or tracking their cars together. They don’t even colour match. But they are, in fact, Team…

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