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Events August 31, 2012 posted by tony

Event: Drift West Round 2

Hop in the magic time machine known as the internet and I will show what went down at Drift West round 2, held on the 23rd of June at Edmonton’s…

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Drivers August 27, 2012 posted by tony

Shawn Hawleys LS1 Chaser

With round 3 of the Driftwest series fast approaching, I sat down with Shawn Hawley to ask him about his set up this year and his thoughts about the coming…

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Events June 19, 2012 posted by tony

EVENT : Drift West Round 1

The Inaugural round of the Drift West series started off at Strato tech park on a gloomy Saturday morning. While it was a new series to western Canada, it was…

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Events May 29, 2012 posted by tony

Event Coverage: That New New

Hello again DODOlogic readers, lets start off with the obvious. I don’t post much, and haven’t been as much as I should. So this year I want to expose more…

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Events July 26, 2011 posted by tony

Indy: In the presence of speed.

This weekend in marked the seventh run of the Edmonton Indy, the first under the new Octane motorsports group. With a brand new track layout came some very interesting performances…

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