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Full Name: Devan Francis Website:
Info: DODOlogic videographer and amateur iPhone photographer who roams the streets of Vancouver.
Culture January 9, 2017 posted by Devan

Hi Japan – Part 1

By Devan Francis, DODOlogic  I’m really, really, REALLY bad at getting posts up in a timely manner. I’m also not a frequent writer. That being said, I definitely have a lot…

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Hi Japan – Part 1
Videos May 24, 2013 posted by Devan

VIDEO: Dead Streets

Working for DODOlogic has given me the privilege of meeting some really interesting people who are involved in the sport of drifting. A few months ago I got together with…

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Videos May 3, 2013 posted by Devan

VIDEO: NissanFest 2013

“Sir, get back in your vehicle!” The U.S. Border Patrol Officer scowled at me, and I scurried back to my car and frantically seated myself. The motor that powers my…

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