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Dark Lotus Drift Event

Dark Lotus Drift Event

It’s been almost five years since I moved to the Pacific Northwest. Before moving to Vancouver, a younger me spent a lot of time chasing drift events around Western Canada. It probably wasn’t the best financial investment… that is, unless any of you want to buy some old, grassroots drift photos? No? Ok, I thought so. Anyways, when I moved to Vancouver, I thought I was going to grab the car world by the tail. Gone would be the days of the impossibly long road trips to drift events. Now that I was in the PNW, the world was my oyster.

Turns out… I was wrong. I didn’t account for a few things. The first thing I didn’t account for was the aging process. Turns out that the older you get, the more responsibility you find yourself in. The second thing is sort of tied to the first: finances. I knew Vancouver was going to be expensive, but I didn’t fully understand how that would hit my frivolous drift media travel budget.

When I first moved here, the car events seemed plentiful, and drift events only required a boat ride or a passport and a limited amount of travel. However, over the years costs started to add up and time was harder and harder to come by. (You’d be surprised how much money a free blog doesn’t make! )

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It turns out the Vancouver drift scene wasn’t even a thing. Don’t get me wrong – there are drifters from the Vancouver area, but they’re mostly on loan to other drift scenes in the Northwest.

But I digress. The last few years have found me visiting more car shows than drift events or just doing nothing at all. That is, until now – thanks to the Dark Lotus Drift Team, who has started hosting drift events at Mission Raceway on select Wednesday nights. Mark your calendars, as the next one is June 12.

Maybe, just maybe, this will turn out to be a thing. Have the nomadic drifters of the Greater Vancouver Area finally found a track to call their own? I don’t really want to jinx anything, but at least now there’s a casual drift event that won’t drain my finite resources…


  • How can I get my hands on some pics of my car (red cresta) and the ones running with the altezza? Would love to post some of then

    • Hey Leo,

      Is the email you provided on your comment your correct email? If it is, I’ll send some photos your way.

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