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Dropping by the Fort Qu’Appelle Winter Festival

Dropping by the Fort Qu’Appelle Winter Festival

Hey there, it’s been awhile… like three months or more. Maybe you thought we were done? You’d be right to think that, but surprise! We’re still kicking – well, sort of. Most of our contributors have gone MIA over the last few months, but can you blame them? The ROI on car blogging isn’t really a thing, so it’s tough to stay motivated.

To make matters even weirder, the guy writing this article wasn’t even at the event. You probably haven’t noticed that the article is authored by Ryan B., but shot by Jessica M. Maybe you don’t care? Maybe you do? Either way, now you know.

The drop in Saskatchewan content is probably my fault. In the past, I made a big to-do about trying to only post “pretty” drift cars on the site. And to be honest, Saskatchewan isn’t always known for having a ton of “pretty” drift cars. That’s not say there are none, but it’s definitely not the province’s claim to fame.

There’s a good chance that some of you reading this article are now gritting your teeth and angrily clenching your fist, getting ready to shout “fuck you, DODOlogic” at your screen. But before you get all bent out of shape and start typing a long response of what drifting is or how it should be, just remember that it’s your opinion and not fact.

Also, the more angry you get at me, the less likely I am to care about your opinion. Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so too am I, and I fully believe that nice drift cars make drifting better. Believe it or not, just as in life, there’s room in drifting for differing opinions. That being said, the window for the non-pretty stuff on this site will probably (hopefully?) stay relatively small and in some way, that makes it harder to keep turning out reasonable content without having to spend a ton of money to get it.

“But Ryan, the cars you posted today are not pretty.” You’re right, they aren’t – thanks for noticing. But it’s winter in the prairies and they’re sliding around on a frozen lake. So I think we can cut them some slack.

Why are these cars sliding around on a frozen lake? That’s because once a year Travis Fehler and Kyle Zimmer get a bunch of people together for the Fort Qu’Appelle Winter Festival, and they drift around on the ice. It looks fun and by all accounts, it is fun. So if this is sort of thing you’re into, you should consider joining them next year.

So, here’s what just happened: I pretty much took Jessica’s awesome photos and used it as an excuse to talk about something completely unrelated to the winter festival. So in that spirit, let me just say that I’d like to help promote and grow the automotive scene in Saskatchewan, and hopefully point people in the right direction. However, the stats have shown that articles about the Saskatchewan drift scene are mostly read by people in Saskatchewan. I’m not a scientist, but I’d imagine it’s because the majority of the cars (not all) don’t live up to aesthetic standards.

The good news is this can all be our little secret then – and maybe we can work together to cover more of the noteworthy cars and events in Saskatchewan.

I am sorry for the lack of Saskatchewan drift content over the last year or so. As a token of forgiveness, here’s some more Saskatchewan drift content!

What do you think Saskatchewan needs in order to be noteworthy in the drifting scene? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for hangin’ in there while we’ve been on hiatus!

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