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Driven Edmonton puts the city on the map

Driven Edmonton puts the city on the map

Let’s face it – Edmonton isn’t necessarily known for its car events. Sure, nearly everyone knows where the weekly meets are, but there’s a lack of big annual events people make long treks for, like Calgary’s illMotion and Penticton’s DUI. Occasionally, local groups host meets which bring a pleasant breath of organization into the scene, but there’s not enough “hype” to bring outsiders in. That’s starting to change with Driven.




This is the second year for Driven in Edmonton, and yet again Mark and the team behind the event did a killer job at bringing some of the best cars in a wide range of styles to the Macewan underground parkade. The variety of vehicles at the show is a large factor in the size of the crowds, and there was no lack of unique builds this year. From Datsuns to Maseratis, nearly every enthusiast was sure to find something to drool over.



dsc00580_37005207302_oThe event was kept bumping with hip-hop dancing and music for most of the day, as well as the SSS Motorsports dyno demo outside for the first time, hinting that the show supports function as much as they support form. The function aspect carries over into the builds themselves, with the number of SUVs and wagons slowly growing. I’m a Subaru guy and naturally that means I’m a little bit biased, but I’d have to say Kyle’s Forester XT is one of the nicest new-gen SUVs I’ve seen modified. It features custom-sized Work Zeist ST1s, Brembos, custom lights, as well as the most well-kept Subaru black paint I’ve ever seen.



dsc00880_36779461980_oAs always, overfenders are still popular in the car show scene. Sometimes they can be tiresome to look at, but when done properly, they can emphasize the differences in quality when it comes to brands and how well they fit. It emphasizes the fact that money can’t buy taste, with some of the nicest widebody’s being some of the simplest.

dsc00785_37035012461_oThough in some cases, flashy can still be tasteful.





Overall, I think it’s safe to say Driven will continue to grow, attract cars and spectators of all tastes, and stay as one of Edmonton’s top-level car shows for years to come. From the vibe of the event to the amount of exposure any car/vendor can get from the event, there’s hardly a similar event in town. Rumour has it that the plan for next year is a bigger show on all levels.










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