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Out for a rip with a supercharged FRS

Out for a rip with a supercharged FRS


By Scott Deeley, DODOlogic Contributor 

It wasn’t long after the FRS hit the Canadian market before Rich from Saskatoon’s Exceed Automotive Specialties bought one. Not really having any sort of plan in mind, Rich had a blank canvas to work with and with the hype of the car – way before Toyota/Subaru even started driving them off the manufacturing line – it was evident the platform would have an infinite amount of aftermarket support. This made Rich’s purchase make even more sense after ditching the Toyota Soarer he had had for years beforehand.


Rich took me out for a rip in his FRS a while back and it was the first time I’d been in one since 2012, when the fine guys at Scion let us (DODOlogic) take one of the first to land for a hard test drive. As I remember, the FRS felt really tight and nimble with responsive steering and was surprisingly well balanced with the stock suspension. But it was evident the car needed more power. In fact, I recall saying, “The car feels and handles great, but it’s definitely underpowered. An extra hundred horsepower would make this car perfect.”



Roughly three years after owning the car, Rich did exactly what anyone with the ZN6 platform needed to and added forced induction. Rich corrected the “underpowered” issue with a HKS centrifugal Supercharger Kit and had a ECUTEK tune on 94 Octane completed by Delicious Tuning. On the hot laps we took a few off-ramps and cloverleafs around Saskatoon, and I could tell the car was built to a whole new level and felt 100 times better than it did stock.


In the straights, 300ish horsepower felt perfect and very usable in a car that weighs around 2,700 pounds. The streets weren’t cold nor were they hot, and it didn’t feel like the car was losing any traction in the WOT pulls we made from around 50-100KM/H. To some people, it may sound like it could use more power, but to Rich – who just got into road course racing – it’s perfect. He doesn’t want to constantly fight with losing traction on his way out of a corner and that makes perfect sense to me.


Around the corners, the car felt planted and quite flat and with the upgraded suspension, bracing and aero that includes HKS coilovers, Cusco braces, arms, links, mounts and a big APR GT wing. The suspension, paired with the added downforce and power numbers, lets the car absolutely annihilate apexes while feeling quite comfortable. I’m used to driving 90’s Hondas, where cornering performance and true comfort on the street isn’t normally achievable, but Rich’s FRS seems to do both with ease. As I said before, Rich didn’t have a plan when he first bought the car, but as time goes on he’s been taking the more practical route. He’s been building a car that’s comfy to drive around on the streets, yet still able to put down nice lap times on the track.



The one thing that really surprised me was how the car brakes. Rich upgraded the brakes in the front to Cadillac CTSV calipers (Brembo four piston with Project Mu street sports pads) and DBA 326x30mm slotted rotors. In the rear, he upgraded the rotors to DBA counter parts, as well as installed Project Mu pads. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such savage braking G-forces like that before. Rich did a stop from around 100Km/h to zero in what felt like record time to me, and as the ABS-equipped brakes worked their heart out and my head was nearly ripped off my shoulders, the Bridgestone RE-71R tires didn’t make a squeak or a squeal.


As you take a look through Rich’s spec list, you can see he has good taste when it comes to picking out parts. With every modification he’s done so far, he continues to improve the chassis to every extent and you can really feel it. Faster cornering, faster straight line power, faster braking and it has improved dramatically in the aesthetics department as well.



After our fun drive around the city, we let the car cool down and I got to take a good look at it without worrying about a camera, where the car sits within the frame, the shutter speed, aperture and all that. We talked about our mutual agreement on how our favourite thing bolted on the car was the TRD rear window louvers and what else he had in mind for the car. The way it sounds, Rich only has a couple things in mind and they both have to do with how the car looks. Being content with the car otherwise, we both don’t know what else will come but as we all know, it’s a never ending road.


HKS Japan Version 2 GTS7040L Supercharger Kit w/ Intercooler
ECUTEK Race Rom 94 Octane Tune by Delicious Tuning
DW 450cc Port Injectors
DW 65c Fuel Pump
Omni-Power 3-Bar MAP Sensor
HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Kit
HKS Hybrid Oil Filter
Revolution Japan Oil Pan Baffle
ORC 400 Series Clutch Kit w/ Light Flywheel
Cusco Clutch Fork + Pivot
Tomei Expreme EL Header + Overpipe w/ Cerakote Ceramic Coating
T1R Mid-Pipe
T1R 70RT 70MM Titanium Cat-back Exhaust
ARC Super Induction Airbox
Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer
Radium Engineering Dual Catch-Can Kit
Cusco Battery Tie Down
Cusco Radiator Cap
Raceseng Cam Plate
Works Engineering Oil Cap

Enkei RS05RR Wheels 18×9.5
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 255/35/18
Project KICS R40 Revo Lug Nuts / Lock Nuts
HKS Hipermax IV SP Coilovers 8KG/8KG
Cusco Carbon Fiber Front Strut-tower Bar w/ Master Cylinder Brace
Cusco C-Pillar Brace
Cusco Adjustable Rear LCA’s
Cusco Adjustable Rear Toe Links
Cusco Adjustable Toe Arms
Cusco Rear Sub-frame Brace
Cusco Rear Sub-frame / Chassis Brace
Cusco Differential Lockout Brace
Cusco Front LCA Power Braces
Cusco Motor Mounts
Cusco Transmission Mount
Cusco Front Tow Hook
Cusco Rear Tow Hook
ARP Std. Length Wheel Studs
Brembo 4-Pot Front Calipers
DBA T3 4000 Series 326×30 Front Rotors
DBA T3 4000 Series Rear Rotors
Project Mu HC+800 Brake Pads
Endless RF650 Brake Fluid
Stoptech Stainless Brakes Lines

Bride Zieg III Type R FIA Seat
Bride Low-Max Mount
Takata Drift III 4-pt Harness
Takata Shoulder Pads
Toyota OEM 2016 GT86 Dash Garnish
Ca-Fi Dashlinq 4 Android Head Unit w/ OBD2 Support
HKS OB-Link Type FA20 Data System
ATI vPod w/52MM Conversion
AEM 30-4110 Wideband AFR Gauge
Works Engineering Pro III Boost / Multi Gauge
ARC Titan Shift Knob

APR GTC-200 GT Wing
APR Carbon Fiber Rocker Extentions
APR Carbon Fiber Fender Insert
TRD Japan Rear Window Louvers
Seibon Type FA Carbon Fiber Hood
Aerocatch 120 Series Hood Pins
Password: JDM 3-pc Carbon Fiber Splitter
INTEC Japan Carbon Fiber Tail-lights
INTEC Reverse Light Combo Harness
Cusco Stubby Antenna
Lumens HID H11 6000K Low-beam
Nokya 2700K DRL / High-Beam
MTEC Reverse LED
MTEC License Plate LED
MTEC Amber Sidemarker
Diode Dynamics Switchback White/Amber Driving Light / Signal Combo
HKS Demo Car Livery on Satin Black 3M Vinyl Wrap
HKS Genuine Badging

Serviced with:
Motul 8100 Xcess 5W-40 + RS*R Ran-up
Greddy Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
Motul Gear 300 Transmission and Differential Fluid
Endless RF650 Brake Fluid
HKS Genuine Supercharger Traction Fluid

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