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Episode RMDC: A New Hope

Episode RMDC: A New Hope

It is a period of civil war.

Drift enthusiasts, striking

from a hidden skid pad, have

won their first victory

against the evil of

anti-drift naysayers.


During the battle, rebel

drifters managed to steal

secret plans to the public’s

ultimate weapon, the


device with enough

power to destroy an entire

motorsport community.

dsc07381_30081363535_oPursued by the public’s

sinister, bored old folk,

Rocky Mountain Drift Club

race home aboard their

drift cars – custodians of the

stolen plans that can save

their people and restore

freedom to the galaxy…

dsc07658_30017380701_oNestled in a small town in southern Alberta lies A New Hope for Canadian drifting. The Rocky Mountain Drift Club is a group hoping to bring to life the passion of Albertan drifters, off the streets and onto a “track.” Set next to the town’s airstrip, the concrete pad – which appears to have once been an aircraft hanger – has proved to be a popular spot for drivers, especially those who can’t afford to drive all the way to Edmonton to practice.

dsc07394_29453533124_oWhile the track surface is far from perfect, this is almost definitely the most grassroots you can get. From the hay bales lining the track, to the unpaved road in, to the used tires as course markers, it’s truly for those who want to have fun and don’t care for a perfect track or a little (read: a lot) of broken aero.


dsc07461_29786542640_oA relief from the beater-spec, V8-swapped S-Chassis’ that plague much of the scene nowadays, there was no lack of variety in cars either. From a 20V AE86, a super-clean JZX100, to multiple R32/33/34s, every car was unique and it was awesome to see what each driver was capable of. The vibe of the event was incredibly positive all around. Even when someone bumped someone else in a sweet tandem or ruined another bumper, they just laughed it off and kept going.


dsc07558_30047109666_oBefore making the four-hour trek to see what all the hype was about, I saw video from a previous practice with multiple drivers dropping tires in the dirt and thought to myself, “I need THAT photo.” And I’ll have you know I was as excited as a kid opening Christmas presents to see that I managed to get this shot. That photo is now the first shot you see in the article. Above you’ll find more dirt drops from another angle. It goes to show there were dirt drops aplenty at this event.

dsc07619_30047539426_oThe group hopes to continue to host events and improve the venue, not to draw in crowds and revenue and commercialization, but in order to keep the thrill of drifting alive and drive more passion and enthusiasm to the sport. I know I’m personally already itching for next summer to roll around to experience it again – hopefully behind the wheel this time. Hope to see you (yes, you) out there!




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