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DODOlogic’s Pumpkin Bash 2016 presented by Prairie Street Performance

DODOlogic’s Pumpkin Bash 2016 presented by Prairie Street Performance



Since Pumpkin Bash fell on Thanksgiving long weekend, I was not able to attend the entirety of the event. Between family visits and turkey dinners, I managed to sneak out to the track for a couple hours to catch some of the drifting fun and shoot some photos. We got pretty lucky with the weather, considering the event fell on the one decent day between many days of snow, rain and freezing temperatures here in Regina.



When I arrived at the track, track break was underway as they prepared for the hard park competition. Pumpkins were set up in a line on the straightaway by the stands. The drivers were to accelerate around corner three, drift corner four and then hard park parallel to the pumpkins as close as they could without touching them.



Devin Jeffrey was in it to win it when he came out early with a competitive distance from the pumpkins.



Chase Karchewski came close to snagging first place right after, but he tapped one pumpkin just hard enough to watch it roll away from his car. For some added excitement, he snagged the wall and tore off his bumper just before his hard park.


Ben Murkin ended up taking the win, with just over a foot distance from his door handle!


Immediately after the hard park competition, the high speed entry competition began.


Jessie-Joe Curtis took the win with his entry speed of 124km/hr!




I didn’t get to see a whole lot of pumpkin smashing, but I’m glad I made it to catch the competitions. Thanks to Prairie Street Performance for closing out the year with another solid drift event at Kings Park Speedway! Now get working on those cars – we’re excited to see what everyone accomplishes over the winter months!

Check out the gallery below for more photos:

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