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A Bagged Subaru STI in the Spotlight

A Bagged Subaru STI in the Spotlight

By Scott Deeley, Contributor 

Under the spotlight today is Tommy Lien’s Subaru STI. Compared to the majority of Subaru owners around Regina, SK, Tommy wanted to be different – and in his case, different is really f’n cool. Tommy has had this car for years now, but only recently (this past winter) put the more noticeable mods into it. The work he did really grabbed my attention at this year’s Defrost meet and put his car at the top of my ‘cars to shoot’ list. Seeing a Subaru literally resting its carbon fiber lip kit on the ground would grab anyone’s attention, and pairing that with some Work wheels, XD9’s to be exact, leaves nothing to be desired.




It isn’t very often you see air suspension on a guy’s mod list and you especially never see it on Subarus around here. The more populated parts of the world, sure, but not Saskatchewan. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t do them… It seems like air bags would be the ultimate mod with the condition of roads around here and with the desire to be as low as possible, they make perfect sense. Being able to ride around town at a ride height where you don’t run the risk of kinking fenders or breaking your back sounds nice, doesn’t it? After a smooth ride, you can park your car and lay your fenders millimeters away from the lips of your wheels or even tuck them neatly behind so everyone passing by can ogle over your car. Sounds pretty cool too, no?



IMG_2499Obviously you and I know the answer to why most people don’t go that route and I’m positive it’s because of the price tag it comes with or the car simply isn’t going that direction for the build (obviously). The lack of diversity in the cars being built around here is something I’d like to see change in the worst way. We have plenty of great cars, but I would love to see more 4 doors on air with aggressive fitting wheels. It’s something every car scene, in my opinion, could use more of. On a trip to Vegas a few years ago, I fell in love with the VIP scene. That scene’s dedication to maintaining an aesthetic is relentless and done sparing no cost. Although Tommy’s STI isn’t VIP, it still exudes that attitude of style done properly at any cost and I think that’s why his car stands out to me.




Naturally it took a while to get our schedules lined up, but once they did we set up a time and met at the Legislative Building in Regina. Before meeting, I scouted a couple cool spots in the area we could use. It wasn’t until we got to the second location that we noticed some clouds rolling in and before we knew it, there was enough rain to scare us away from the outdoors and head towards the nearest parkade. Normally I don’t shoot indoors because I feel like to do so properly, you need strobes to pull it off the way I’d like the images to look. But I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with the few shots I chose to keep and I’m glad Mother Nature gave me the nudge to do something I’m not so comfortable with.

Tommy’s spec list is as follows:

Cobb Accessport
Invida N1 catback
Invidia catless downpipe
Tomei turbo inlet
P&L Up-pipe with Tial 38mm external wastegate
Cobb SF intake
Company 21 external boost control solenoid
Go fast bits blow off valve

Airlift performance struts with Auto pilot V2 management
Work emotion XD9’s in limited edition matte blue

Blacktop Aero carbon fiber front lip and side skirts
Galvez custom diffuser

Thanks for looking.

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