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Cars and BBQ with Saskatoon’s Exceed

Cars and BBQ with Saskatoon’s Exceed

The group over at the Exceed Automotive Specialties put on a BBQ to show their appreciation to their customers. For those who aren’t from the prairies, Exceed is a local automotive shop that opened February 6th of this year when a couple of Saskatoon automotive enthusiasts decided to put their expertise to good use.  What was intended as a small get together and BBQ quickly turned into a mini car show. That being said, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Exceed. They’ve developed quite the impressive roster of shop and client cars over the short period of being open. This is mostly due to hard work, but it also helps that the people behind Exceed have been deeply ingrained in the Saskatchewan car scene for years.

Exceed+370zOne of the in-house cars out for show was Kelby Galambos’ blue wide-bodied Nissan 370z. Kelby’s car is one of those that is unmistakable. As you can imagine, there aren’t a ton of Amuse widebody 370Z’s rolling around the prairies on those aggressive Work VS-XX in that stunning hue of blue.

BlueR33Looking past the 370z, there was another in-house car out on display. Wade Longstaff’s blue Nissan R33 Skyline GTR is one of those cars that you can’t help but admire. This R33 recently underwent an extensive amount of work after a careless driver decided to have their way with the front-end. It was cool to see it out and surprisingly, there’s still more to come with this car. More parts will be arriving soon and you can expect more photos from the DODO camp.

WhiteGenesisA real surprise was this Hyundai Genesis. It made the trek from Alberta to Saskatoon to show some love for Exceed.

White 370zCars and people continually flowed into the garage lot to grab a bite, hang out with friends and check out some local cars. Everyone who showed up throughout the event made it feel like Exceed had been around for much longer than reality suggests.

Philbert 240sx

SilviaAs I suggested earlier, the rapid and steady rate of growth this shop has seen over the past few months is amazing. What’s even more amazing was the condition of these S-Chassis’. It’s a pretty rare sight to see a S-Chassis in these parts that isn’t a war-torn drift car, and Exceed had two in their parking lot that appeared in stellar condition.

s4+Nissan TailsNot all cars in attendance were Japanese, although judging by this picture you can see the ratio was skewed towards automobiles of the Japanese persuasion. There was also a Porsche 911 hiding somewhere in the lot and this Audi  S4 tried to blend in with the R-Chassis’ (wonder how long it lasted until it was noticed).

S2000If you didn’t get enough wide body fitment with Exceed’s 370z, here’s a few more things you might enjoy: a vibrant yellow Honda S2000 and a black Toyota FRS.

Widebody BRZ

Widebody BRZ RearExceed would like to send a big thank you to everyone who made the time to come out and show their support, and Grandwest and PartSource for providing prizes for the mini car show. I look forward to next year’s BBQ to see how Exceed progresses as a business and what new client cars show up on the lot.

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