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Pizza Bout: Aura of Toppings

Pizza Bout: Aura of Toppings

“Pizza Bout?” You may ask, “What is that?” Well, Pizza Bout is exactly as it sounds, kinda. It’s where all the drivers, staff, media and anyone who participated in Final Bout, Special Stage Central to be exact, got together to have pizza and celebrate the week ahead. Touge Factory of Wheeling, Illinois hosts a semi-private pizza party on an annual, need-to-know basis in light of Final Bout. This is exactly what makes the drift community so much better than any of the other automotive communities. Those in the scene put in so much and this is Touge Factory’s way of giving back to everyone. Everyone is just happy for the festivities that the week and upcoming weekend hold – whether it’s last minute car prep or helping a friend prep their car. The vibes are always good and the mood is typically light.


The trip for us to get to Touge Factory was just over an hour’s time. Being that it’s so close and kind of our “home” shop, it’s a drive we’re used to. I drove in with my good friends Cody and Chaz of team Full Clip.


As people travelled to the area from far and wide, the level of anxiousness in everyone involved increased. This may be the one time of year that you get to see your internet friend from across the country or half way across the world, so you must make the best of it!

In this case, I met Hugo ‘Yogi’ Lefrancois fom Quebec who drives this beautiful RHD Aristo, which he told me was painted before he and his friends left. Along with him, I met Somon Fujiwaroy and Gabriel Wingfield. They loved my Shakotan-styled S14 and were very eager to show me their cars, so awesome!

PB -4Is Chris’ car Yogi Spec?!

PB -5

PB - 6It was nice to see Fred! He was eager to show us his new, custom LED tail lights in the FC. Killer!

PB - 7

JakeAs everyone knows by now, this is Jake’s car. It’s more or less the best example of a perfectly executed drift car. In this case, you have no opinion – this car is THE best! Style is just pouring off of it.

TFTouge Factory, modeled after MCR Factory of Japan, is by far one of the coolest shops I have visited. Cleanliness and organization are two of the best adjectives for TF.

TF wheels

stanceTouge Factory is the distributor of many, many aftermarket parts for the United States, such as Stance Suspension and Serial Nine Components. They offer many different lines of suspension ranging from basic street coilovers, to air ride suspension setups, to complete track biased, custom valved, external reservoir coilover setups.

skateboardIn terms of custom merchandise, TF also has you substantially  covered, as you can see. These TRA-Kyoto decks are sweet!

phone caseEtched, stainless, phone cases?!

keychainThey even do custom auto-part keychains! This takes branding to the next level!

TF- 2Nick Cassara took me back into the shop to get a better look at what goes on behind closed doors.

TF - 3TF did the custom, in house, intake and exhaust manifolds, reservoirs, hard piping and everything else involving this Datsun’s drivetrain. From the remade wiring harness to the ignition setup, I’ve seen this car around, but the updates are phenomenal. Great work, guys!

TF - 4
TF - 6I was also informed that this Trueno will be seeing a K-Series in the future. Neat!

TF - 7Touge Factory is always a great place to see some beautiful builds, varying in depth and scope. As you can see, there was a Supra on drag radials, which was getting a makeover to a more versatile setup, and a satin black 300zx with a custom SR20 swap. Lots of interesting things happening here! Back to the lot…

PB - 8As I walked out of the shop, I noticed for the first time that Richard ‘Fish’ Fisher’s rear bumper is shaved.

TF - 9All I have to say is yes. It was great to see this car in person.

TF - 10

TF - 11

TF - 12Somon was showing me a stunning roller he got of Jake’s car on the highway!

TF -13The group gathered around to admire this beautified SR20 in the S14.

TF - 14Subtle touches like the painted fan shroud and pink coolant hose make all the difference.

TF - 15As things began to unwind, people began to go their separate ways. The new lighting on Josh Maghirang’s 180sx is prime!

TF - 16All the cars look equally as good at night as they do during the day.

ChobEven as somebody fairly unfamiliar to a few of the guys, I felt pretty welcomed amongst everyone. I’ve made some new friendships and got to enjoy those that I had already had. This is what the drift scene is all about. Strong bonds, super rad cars and equally rad times with everyone around.

Safe travels to USAIR, see you all soon!

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