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Mark Serdon’s Stance-Happy FD2 Civic

Mark Serdon’s Stance-Happy FD2 Civic

As a young person, Mark Serdon grew up with an automotive influence – like so many of us car enthusiasts. Growing up, he would watch his uncles build low cars with cool wheels in their garage.



Straying away from Mark’s story for a minute, the K20 engine is a lot fun right out of the box, especially in the FD2s. If you’ve never experienced how a K20 puts the power down and crack into VTEC, you’re missing out. I might go so far as to say it’s my favourite factory 4 cylinder ever made…



Getting back to Mark’s story, you can tell his uncles’ influence of slamming a car with wheel fitment played a big role in his approach to this car. The end result means Mark has to choose his routes around Saskatchewan’s streets very carefully. I mean, look at it – it’s pretty crazy how low the car sits and how good it looks doing it.


IMG_1833With the short summer seasons we get, it took 3 years before Mark finished converting the car to a Type R replica, along with getting the wheels built and everything else. The FD2 type R is my absolute favourite Honda – other than the NSX, of course. And Mark’s ride is one I’d planned on shooting for years. It feels good to see people “complete” their builds and then allow me capture them.



Visually, you can’t beat a car that has been rendered a pain in the ass to drive. But being such an easy car to shoot helped me out; I was rusty from not using my camera for the longest time.


While we were shooting, a storm was slowly approaching in the background. 



Mark’s car is testament to just how dedicated (or idealistically illogical) car enthusiasts can be. Here’s a car that can only be driven a few months of the year, and only on certain roads –but none of that matters, because it’s just the way Mark wanted it.


  • Injen Cold Air Intake
  • Skunk2 Mega Power R


  • 350mm Deep corn Nardi Woodgrain black spoke
  • Momo hub
  • MPC Brown Big Leagues Shift Knob


  • Godspeed Mono Rs coilovers
  • Godspeed rear camber arms
  • Eibach rear sway bar
  • Eibach front camber bolts
  • Beaks lower tie bar
  • 17×9.5 +10 CCW Classics (gold arp hardware, gloss white faces)


  • Full CTR Conversion with Mugen RR Flares
  • VIS Carbon Fiber Demon trunk lid
  • 3M 1080 gloss white vinyl wrap

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