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Top 9 Most Popular Posts of 2015

Top 9 Most Popular Posts of 2015

It’s around this time of year when people start reflecting on the past twelve months. Don’t believe me? Just look at everyone sharing the “2015 Best Nine” on Instagram or those weird “Year in Reviews” on Facebook. Realistically, this is just a time where we recycle old content and make it new again… so I’m going to muster up some offseason strength to get through one last post for the year. I would usually tell a story about my favourite picture or experience, but let’s be real: we only really care about the most popular. So in the spirit of our 2015 Best Nine, let’s revisit DODOlogic’s top nine posts as determined by number of views.

finalbout299. At number nine, we have my completely subjective argument of the coolest JZS161 in North America. I wrote this article after another blog claimed to have found the best GS300 in North America, and this was my passive way of disagreeing and proving the subject of “the best” is pretty subjective. More importantly, I wrote it because my dude Eric Corvera (a.k.a. Chob) really has the best GS300.

Mitch18. Number 8 was another Toyota Sedan – probably because RWD Toyota sedans are super cool or the owner of it is always making Trap references that I’m too old to understand. At any rate, Mitch Fleischer proved that, for better or worse, he knows how to draw a crowd. His JZX100 demonstrates that good taste is no accident and at the age of 21, he’s already got more style than many veterans in the scene.

JhallFD-37. The number seven spot belongs to a founding member of DODOlogic: Hotboyz driver and longtime friend, Jordan Hall. He’s become somewhat of an internet recluse, but when it comes to cars, he still knows what’s up… even after trading the SR20det-powered Miata for a 2000 Madza RX-7 RS.

DUI2015-436. It’s no surprise that Drift Union Invitational is on the list. It is, of course, one of our favourite drift events of the year and judging by how it grabbed the sixth spot of the year, people tend to agree.

_MG_43115. Number five, much like number six, is a grassroots drift event called Final Bout, which takes place in a small midwestern town in the U.S. Arguably, or maybe even objectively, Final Bout has become the premier grassroots drift event in North America. This team invite-only event has become the antithesis of pro-drifting in America and given the grassroots community something to strive for.

R33-164. The fourth most-read article of 2015 belongs to somebody who probably doesn’t care all that much about accolades, but Josh Reading’s R33 is anything but ordinary. Love it or hate it, Josh probably doesn’t care about that either, but that’s okay because we care.

Dodo_eric_shoot_mike-253. Trading fiberglass for metal landed Eric Zapata in the number three spot. That’s right, 2/3 of the Hotboyz landed on our list – and it would have been 3/3 if Jack had built a car this year. Our thanks to the Dub Dynasty dudes for shooting Zap’s 1JZ-GTE powered S15 for us.

IMG_00352. We travel all over the map each year looking for new content and making inroads into new markets. But mostly we’re just trying to find new drinking buddies who like cars. Oddly enough, no matter how far we go, Saskatchewan will always be home. That’s right – the second most popular article of the year was, in fact, DODOlogic’s Defrost 2015 by Bag Barn. So thanks for that, Saskatchewan!

Burn 41. The number one spot by an absolute landslide and mostly a fluke, was “What You  Need to Know About Car Meets in Greater Vancouver.” Weird, right? This story is also the most popular article ever posted on DODOlogic, or at least since we changed servers. Was it the clickbait title or did people really need to know? Maybe we’ll never know.

So, there you have it: our top nine articles from 2015 as decided by internet-going folk. We here at DODO want to thank everyone who found us a little interesting in 2015 and hopefully we can continue to pique your interest in 2016. All the best for a safe and happy New Year!

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