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Making a Ruckus with Anastas

Making a Ruckus with Anastas

The Honda Ruckus. I’m sure you all have a friend who has said it before: “What a dumb way to spend money.” I would never say it quite like that, but we all know someone who might. I can think of a hundred worse ways to spend money. Junk food and drugs are the first things that come to mind. Fast/highly modified cars that you can never sell for what you put into them is a really dumb way to spend money too… but it’s what we do as enthusiasts. In the end, it all has the same impact on our lives. They drain the bank account, make us sweat and sometimes draw tears. They make us stress, but we love them all the same – probably because nothing is better than seeing your own project come together.



Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but regardless of what others think, we all find the means to justify our own ends. In this circumstance, I think the means justify the ends. If you think spending a crazy amount on custom made bike wheels and one-off exhaust systems is weird, then so be it. But I would wager if you’re reading this blog, you probably don’t feel that way. If you have the dedication to create something truly eye catching, go for it – no matter what it is.



The Ruckus scene in Saskatchewan is really small, but I’ve seen some pretty crazy bikes built here. Anastas’ 2007 Ruckus is, no joke, one of the top three in the province. The classy and not-so-trendy colour scheme is what I like about it so much. Sure, you could go with some flat lime color that burns into everyone’s retinas so they can’t forget it, even if they tried. Or, you could go with an awesome tried-and-true combo like the metallic red and powder-coated gold seen here.


IMG_0259sdWhat I like about people building Ruckus’ the most is the attention to all the little details. This includes things like the motor shrouds, CVT cover, front frame cover and license plate bracket that Anastas got hydro-dipped in a wood grain look. The bike is made up of so many little things that affect build quality substantially, and basically all of them can be replaced with aftermarket parts. If I remember correctly, the only thing remaining from Anastas’ original bike is the frame. Crazy. But the biggest (although it’s hard to use that word in this situation) things that stand out are the Dorbyworks triple loop exhaust and one-piece Dorbyworks Super Mesh staggered wheels.



Swapped with the infamous GY6 motor, this slammed cruiser can reach 110km/h, which is something I can’t even imagine doing on a scooter. You have to give it to it – that’s an impressive number for something so small.



Anastas’ build list is as follows:


Custom Chrysler C300 metallic red paint job by Mike @ M C Paint
NCY lowered seat bracket, tank cover
Rucksters V.3 drag handlebars
Japspeed gold handlebar grips
PasswordJDM tank cap, gold key guard
Shaved frame
Composimo headlight lowering bracket
Custom Woodgrain Hydro Dip by DippedIllusionz (Motor shrouds, CVT cover, Front frame cover, license plate bracket)
MNNTHBX rear turtle head tail light
Tokyo Parts front signals
Gojin bolt dress up kit
Machined Machine’s 15″ billet stretch kit
Acewell digital tach
Front frame wire tuck
Dorbyworks license plate bracket, front triple tree cover, neochrome magnetic oil drain plug
Monstergy6 CVT cover plate, anklebiter
Custom shaved Ruckus seat by Minimotolab
Custom seat pattern/design by UneekUpholstery

Wheels, Tires & Suspension

RRGS lowdown front forks, 12″ titanium front axle, axle spoolers
Composimo front fork lowering springs
Pneumatic air cylinder (3″ stroke, 1-1/2″ bore), 1/4″ air lines, 12v 2-way air solenoid, Viair slow-down valve, Viair 95C compressor
BOSS-RUCKUS custom GY6 Air Ride motor bracket
Christian C. Polished axle spacers
Rear GY6 shorty rear axle
Dorbyworks ceramic rear GY6 hub, Super Mesh Staggered Wheels(Rear: 13×8 | Tire: 130/60, Front: 12×4 | 90-10/10) powdercoated gold, extended polished rear lug nuts
NCY front disk brake, front brake caliper, rear brake shoe
rPRO front disk brake
Upgraded 45 Degree Banjo bolts
Braided brake front brake line


Monstergy6 150cc GY6 motor, GY6 harness
Dorbyworks Triple-loop exhaust (Specially made for air ride set ups), lightweight clutch bell
NCY variator, smooth drive face, intake manifold, adjustable quick throttle
GATES kevlar belt
Dr. Pulley clutch, 13g slider weights
Composimo 45* clocking flange
Jetted/Tuned carb
K&N 30mm shorty mesh air filter
Mikuni vacuum fuel pump.

To top it off, Anastas put together a pretty cool video to feast your eyes on. Here it is:


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