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How to plan an amazing BBQ with your car friends

How to plan an amazing BBQ with your car friends

It’s not that hard, really. You buy meat or veg alternative, some buns and bags of chips, and make sure you have a working BBQ. Then you invite your car friends (preferably the ones with the nice cars) and some people from out-of-state and just wait for the burnouts to start. I guess what I’m trying to say is it isn’t rocket science. In full disclosure, ever since DODOlogic hit 10k fans on Facebook, our reach has been down. This was my attempt at clickbait. I apologize if you were looking for a really great potato salad recipe because I don’t have one. What I do have are some photos from DamnFest 2015.


You’re probably wondering, “What the hell is DamnFest?” To put it simply, it was a BBQ with a lot of car people from all over North America and it happened a few weeks ago in Auburn, Washington. Why did it happen? For the last two years, the Internet’s Boyfriend (a.k.a. Dylan Evans) and gentleman-at-large Mitchell Goetz have celebrated their birthdays together and in keeping with popular trends, this event required a name.



DamnFest-14Over the last few years, DODOlogic has evolved into a page that really just covers automotive events and does the occasional feature. I don’t regret the direction the page has taken as we’ve grown up a bit over time and maybe become a little more legitimate. So, why take pictures of a birthday party?
DamnFest-3The truth is that sometimes I miss all the frivolous posts we used to make, whether it was keeping ourselves busy on road trips or things we did when we couldn’t do car stuff. Making an event of DamnFest reminds me of those times – times when the experience was just as important as the cars.

DamnFest-11It also helps that there were plenty of cool cars lining this usually very quiet street in Auburn.










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Look, I get it. Outside of the 100 or so people who made the trip to Seattle or want to read about two dudes in their early 20’s turning another year older, it’s easy to be cynical about what seems to be a menial annual occurrence. To those naysayers I say this: Cars aren’t just about the metal, glass and rubber that make them into objects of our interest; it’s the community that surrounds them.

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