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RWB – Custom Porsche Experience

RWB – Custom Porsche Experience

Remember back in the day when bands or celebrities would tour malls and sign autographs? I never experienced it firsthand, but I always heard references about it in pop culture. Let’s imagine for one moment that we all know and remember what I’m talking about. But instead of teenagers breaking down into tears as they get too close to the flame – a.k.a. their celebrity crush – picture some car enthusiasts. That was the scene at Aberdeen Centre Mall in Richmond, BC a week ago.

Mall-4There’s no denying that RWB has seen a pretty stable level of growth, with more and more of them popping up on this side of the ocean. That being said, you might be curious as to why a bunch of custom porsches were parked in the central atrium of a mall…. and why Nakai-San was putting the finishing touches on a porsche next to a water fountain – instead of in a smoky shop somewhere.

mall-2The ‘RWB Experience: Custom Porsche Exhibit” was a promotional tool for one of the retail spaces in the mall as well as few additional event sponsors. If I’m not mistaken, the store is called “Super Garage” and a few of the additional sponsors included Audison, MB Euromotors Inc., Blitzgear and Clarion.


The blue RWB (pictured earlier) that was nearing completion is the second RWB for this owner. The ever-popular Super Musashi (the green 993) is the first RWB in his now two-car RWB porsche collection. For those of you who may remember or follow this type of thing, you might recall this car being somewhat of a deal – or at least a big enough deal to land itself on Jalopnik.


Not all the porsches there were RWB. So even if the wide-body porsches don’t do it for you, you could take some time to enjoy the more subtle variations of the German sports car. I’m sure there’s some clever comment that can be made on the irony of putting a couple of RWB porsches on display in a consumer-based environment like as a mall –especially based on the rapid growth and accessibility RWB’s have seen over the last few years. However, as someone with couple of RWB’s as his Facebook cover photo, I can confidently say I’m still into enjoying these cars.


Special thanks to Wes Barber for getting capturing theses images for us.

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