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2014 Pumpkin Drift Bash

2014 Pumpkin Drift Bash

12-17Around the fall of every year, all the drifters start putting their cars away for the winter season. But before the garage doors close there is one last event that is held, the Pumpkin Drift Bash. Just like the name states, they go out not only slaying tires, but also pumpkins.

**Disclaimer** There are pictures of pumpkin deaths contained in this article

12-4Anthony Thiessen even dressed up his car in the spirit.

12-7Tanner Frain slicing and dicing pumpkins.

12-3Kyle Zimmer had a rough day getting his car to stay running for him, but when it was running he wasted no time killing it.

12-8Kevin Cuddington and passenger queen wave on their parade lap.

12-9Gavin Whitmore was good friends with the wall all day and managed to tap it a few times.

12-10Some people, however, didn’t receive as much love from the wall..

12-11No problem though, the little incident with the wall didn’t slow Justin Schiller down.


12-5Justin Orr tries to kill the pumpkin.

12-15Both Bimmers following the same line got a little hung up on the edge next to one another.

12-13Another thing about the year end is that a lot of the guys have been out practicing most of the summer and are pretty comfortable with their cars, so massive tandem trains are possible at the year-end event.

12-16End of the year bash ended in style.

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