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Local Ride: Brennen’s Supercharged Mugen RSX

Local Ride: Brennen’s Supercharged Mugen RSX

The Honda fanatic inside of me is so proud to bring you possibly one of the best put-together Hondas in Saskatchewan. In fact, it’s so well put together it should be printed on the pages of Honda Tuning magazine. It seems like every year there are more and more high quality builds coming out of the woodwork here in Saskatchewan. We’re trying our hardest to feature them and show the rest of the world what our province is all about. Brennan Duncan’s RSX has been out and about for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until  the Access Show and Shine two years ago that his build opened my eyes. The Mugen front bumper, rear wing and Mugen GP wheels(that were on it until this past winter) caught my eye from a distance, and since then it’s become one of my most sought after cars to put in front of the camera. After tracking him down on Instagram earlier this spring, we quickly got a photoshoot scheduled and met up west of the city on his way in from Moosejaw – where his home resides.




No matter where you are in North America, themed cars are few and far between. To be able to say you own almost every part a certain company makes for your chassis is a big deal – especially when that company is Mugen, one of the most iconic Honda aftermarket parts manufacturers based out of Japan. A car packed full of JDM and high quality parts should bring a smile to any enthusiast’s face and Brennen’s RSX does that. If you ask Honda nuts (like me) how we feel about the car, we can’t respond because our jaws are on the floor and we’re drooling like infants.




Back in 2003, the Type-S RSX was purchased new from the Acura dealership here in Regina by Brennen’s good friend Tyler Pilipow (who he didn’t know back then). After Tyler moved to Moose Jaw, Brennen soon noticed the car tearing up the streets. Years later – after becoming great friends and even attending each other weddings – he purchased the car from Tyler in 2007. It’s one of those stories to which we can all relate. If it weren’t for our love of cars, so many of us would be in completely different social situations. Hell, I met more than half of my friends through the car scene here in Regina. We’re all brought together by the passion and love of cars we have in common, and for Brennan and Tyler it was a blue RSX Type-S. They’re also the garage duo who built the car you’re seeing today!




All of the work – other than the tune and body work – was done at Brennan’s with the help of his friend Tyler, with countless hours and beers to match. The Jackson Racing supercharger was originally fitted with a 7psi pulley, then a custom tune was done on a 9psi pulley. Now the supercharger is running a 11psi pulley with a Merc Racing aftercooler and a custom tune done by Tim at King Motorsports in Wisconsin, USA. King Motorsports is the largest Mugen parts distributors in North America. It made perfect sense for Brennen and his wife to drive 17 hours overnight on a Thursday to make it to the shop early Friday morning to get the car tuned. After all was said and done, the car put down 289WHP on their dyno. Soon after getting it home to Moose Jaw, Brennan had the itch to see what kind of quarter mile times the car was capable of. It wasn’t very long into a pass at SiR outside of Saskatoon when the added power blew up his final drive. “No big deal though,” he says. “I got lucky and had an excuse to put a better final drive (the ITR 4.7) in and also beef up the tranny with new Syncrotech carbon synchros.”




Seven years is a long time to own a car in this day and age, but perfection isn’t acquired overnight. We all know building a car is a neverending thing, and there will always be something that “needs” to be done or “needs” to be changed since we’ve become bored with it. In Brennan’s situation there is, of course, things that will change, but overall the build is one of the most complete I’ve ever seen. There’s not one section of the car that hasn’t been touched or deemed not up-to-par. It’s cars like this that have the potential to put Saskatchewan on the map and in no way, shape or form am I saying it’s the only one here to be able to do so. We all know what we have here, but the problem is the rest of world does not. There’s so much more to our community than cowboys rolling around in lifted diesels wearing white sunglasses!








I really hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. I’ll leave you with the spec list Brennen gave to me.


Jackson Racing Supercharger(3″ Pulley @ 11PSI)
CRSX race header
Mugen intake, spark plug cover, oil cap, radiator cap
HKS Turbo exhaust
Hasport engine mounts
750CC Fuel Injection Clinic injectors
Skunk2 70mm throttle body, fuel rail, thermal TB gasket
Hondata K-Pro, IM gasket
K-Tuned oil dip stick, shifter, shifter cables
ITR red top valve cover
Synchrotech carbon synchros
Honda 4.7 final drive
Quaife limited slip differential
Walbro 255lph fuel pump


Buddy Club N+ coilovers
Energy Suspension bushing kit
Mugen front strut bar, rear sway bar
Beaks lower tie bar


Spoon Sports calipers
Goodridge braided stainless steel lines
Stoptech slotted rotors, brake pads


Mugen mirror face MF-10(17×7 +48mm)
Advan Yokohama AD-08(225/45r16)


Mugen front bumper, carbon fiber hood, side skirts, rear spoiler
Type R rear lip, headlights


Mugen steering wheel, hub, pedals, carbon fiber shift nob, rear view mirror cover
Type R blue Recaro seats
Custom blue stitched shift boot.

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