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Spring Drift Matsuri 2014

Spring Drift Matsuri 2014

I like the concept of this event paired with the Defrost meet the day before. It’s become an annual event and just like last year, the weather was subpar. Luckily, the number of spectators was the complete opposite. A surprising amount of people, wrapped in blankets and wearing rain jackets, watched friends and family slide their mud-covered whips around Kings Park Speedway. We’ve said it before, but we have to say it again: we’re so glad the car scene is thriving here in Regina. Being an enthusiast in a scene where hardly anyone shares the same interests as you is boring, but when a scene is constantly growing – likes ours is it’s truly great to be a part of!

IMG_0384Watching the scene get bigger and better is great, but my favorite part of it is watching people’s cars transform. Colby Griffin’s Skyline looked great sliding around the track on the new set of wheels he acquired over winter.


Another great transformation is Travis Hilts’ Nissan. New wheels and fresh Aero really switched up the look for him this year!

IMG_0588One of my favorites of the day is this pic of Kolton Ryan and his AE86 looking right at home on the bank after a winter that involved some major surgery.

IMG_0535Anthony Thiessen’s S-Chassis a run or two after a little mishap with the wall.

IMG_0569While people were getting pulled out of the muddy infield and outfield, this guy was here for our entertainment. He almost did the entire track like this, haha.

IMG_0612Seeing as I’ve shot tons of events out at Kings Park Speedway, I find it difficult to not be repetitive with the coverage – especially when the entire infield was deep mud. I thought I would try something new with the editing and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Although it wasn’t as dark out as it looks in the pics, I think the editing gives the pictures the feel I was looking for: sort of groggy yet still bad-ass.

IMG_0627Of course our local Ridiculousness celebrity Kevin Cuddington was out there slaying in his BMW that he’s recently re-acquired.

IMG_0621It was new and refreshing to see a Honda on the track! It’s always bothered me wondering why the S2000 chassis basically went extinct among the drift crowd. I remember back to the RSR S2000 in Formula D and how after that they weren’t really run as a competitive chassis.

IMG_0652With the fenders off for the day, this ratty BMW looked just as good as it always has. This thing is so much fun to watch!


IMG_0675A big V8 rumble is always a sound I welcome out at the track. Let’s just say Formula D has rubbed off on me just a little.


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  • Love the drift support this year … Pouring rain and cold and people still came out to enjoy. Hopefully the next one is sunshine and warm out.

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