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Event: Vegas VIP Meet, Part 3

Event: Vegas VIP Meet, Part 3

If you’ve been to Las Vegas, what would you say your favourite thing about it is? Drinking carefree on the strip? Gambling while go-go dancers do what they do best on the top of the table? Seeing mind-blowing shows like Cirque de Soleil? If you were to ask me, I’d say all those things are great, but it’s also about getting to see the cars and the scenes we only see on the internet. I know that’s a clichéd thing for a car guy to say, but it’s the truth! SEMA was one thing and this meet was something completely different. What I noticed most was the absence of the business executives and sales representatives who flood the halls at SEMA; just younger people like me having a good time talking about cars and socializing. It was refreshing after 4 full days of walking the Las Vegas Convention Center. Anyways, here is the final part of our post-SEMA VIP meet coverage. If you missed part 1 and 2, you can click HERE for part 1 and HERE for part 2!


Sitting on Leon Hardiritt Ordens, this Y33 looked great. I love the pin-striping done by Autofashion and how it adds to the sloping body line…




It’s funny because in Canada it’s not uncommon to see guys swap the Toyota emblem for the Lexus emblem.  Then you cross the border and find this JZS147  that has dropped its Lexus markings in exchange for those of  the JDM Toyota Aristo.


Very interesting Infiniti M with really wide modular wheels and a custom wide body kit.  I tried to capture the amount of dish each wheel had, but as you can tell it was all-consuming. At this angle, you can’t even see the faces!


It’s become quite common to see cars that were at SEMA show up for this meet. I saw this slammed XB outside at SEMA, the root beer colour making it unmistakable.



I’m always glad to see a nice Honda out and about. This super clean EM1 on Sprint Hart CP-R did not disappoint.




Some of you may recognize this car from the cover of a recent issue of Super Street magazine. Owned by Rainier Ramolete, the S13 was built to drift and he does so in Las Vegas. I’ve been following him(@heybroitsray) on Instagram for a long time now, so it was awesome to see this car in person!


Another Honda that didn’t disappoint was an immaculate EF. These cars are getting harder and harder to find in good condition, but they’re basically non-existent in this condition!







I was glad to see this beauty roll up to the meet only hours after me, and the owner talked at SEMA for quite some time about his EG build. It only took him 6 months to finish this H2B-swapped hatch from start to finish, including paint inside and out.


Aimgain equipped LS460 slammed on Accuair suspension and Leon Hardiritt Frieden wheels.

Thanks for looking guys and girls. Hope you enjoyed!

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