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Why is Liberty Walk’s Wataru Kato always smiling? We found out at SEMA.

Why is Liberty Walk’s Wataru Kato always smiling? We found out at SEMA.

With 13 cars at this year’s SEMA show, Japan’s Liberty Walk – also known as LB Works – made a big impression. The man behind the tuning company is Wataru Kato-san, and his name is one you’ll be hearing a lot of in the near future. As we learned at the show, Liberty Walk isn’t just promoting theirs cars in the North American market, they’re looking at global domination.


Although it sounds rather sinister, you can’t help but go along with it when you notice the John Lennon quote added to the doors of Liberty Walk’s cars: “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” And when you witness Kato-san’s constant smile and positive energy, you know the world will be in good hands.


Wataru Kato

DODOlogic caught up with the man behind the grin at SEMA. Standing in front of Liberty Walk’s GTR, Kato-san spoke through a translator about the project and his outlook on life. Check out the Q&A below.


Q: What were the challenges working on this project?

A: I love the old Japanese cars and their style. I want to put this old style on new cars. In this moment, we need the old style to come back and I want to show this to the kids in the world.


Q: What was your favourite part about the project?

A: It makes people happy, so that’s why I made it. Right now there’s too much sadness and bad things happening, so I want to make people happy. But I cannot speak english (laughs). If I’m not happy, I cannot make other people happy.


Tra Kyoto owner Kei Miura inspecting his fabrication work at the show.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: It’s a secret. You’ll see at SEMA next year!

Take a look at some of Liberty Walk’s other cars at the show.













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