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Event: Odd Man Out’s Friday Night Hoon-off

Event: Odd Man Out’s Friday Night Hoon-off

What’s better than a Friday night burnout competition to bring a car community together? The answer is not a whole lot.

IMG_0004dodoBy the time I rolled up to the Odd Man Out Tuning shop I was in awe of the crowd that had already formed. I thought I was going to be early and easily snag a sweet parking parking spot, but as I rolled in I could tell my overconfidence would be my downfall. So, I parked the car and after a short hike I found myself near the action.

IMG_0008dodoFrom afar I could see a strange glowing orange light that revealed some white paint. The closer I got, the more obvious it became that I was looking at Brayden Johnson’s Honda Ruckus.

IMG_0018dodoThe burnout seems to be the great equalizer for all car people. It’s maybe the most basic, raw thing you can do in a car, and no matter your background everyone seems to enjoy it. Wes Eisteter and his R33 Skyline were the first contenders to step into the ring and they did not disappoint.

IMG_0029dodoSometimes a helping hand – or 4 – are needed to hold a car still to do a burnout; Adam Kerney’s Colbalt was one of those special cases.



IMG_0050dodoTravis Hilts’ and his drift-prepped Nissan is no stranger to us. I was happy to hear he came in 2nd at the end of the night. He was the only person to leave his seat mid-burnout, and style points always help!

IMG_0077dodoRyan Hesterman and his Cobalt needed a little help to hold it in place as well!


This was my favorite part of the night: Brayden and Adrians in full-on tandem bromance B/O’s. The  GY6-swapped Honda Ruckus was held to its limit and the Tomei 2.2L SR22DET S-Chassis was sliding from side to side while destroying the rear rubber.

IMG_0143dodoSome more Skyline burn outs for good measure.

IMG_0177dodoMy second favorite part of the night was watching my good friend Kalvin Rivas. He had been talked into competing in his RX7 and just the fact that the rotary didn’t blow up made me happy for him. Although he cracked a coolant fitting and lost lots of cooling near the end of his insanely loud burnout, it was awesome to see this thing actually running strong. I guess we can thank Evan Bahr and his tuning skills for that.

IMG_0193dodo1st place for the competition and 1st place for “Loudest damn car of the night,” was Dan Moser and his Mustang.

IMG_0219dodoKyle Zimmer more often than not ruins his tires while sliding around the track in his R32 Skyline, but tonight he accomplished that by sitting in one spot.

IMG_0242dodoFinally Matthew Johnson brought his Soarer into the shop and lit the tires up with some class.

I would just like to say thanks to the guys at Odd Man Out for holding the event and I can’t wait for the next one!

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