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VIDEO: Dead Streets

Working for DODOlogic has given me the privilege of meeting some really interesting people who are involved in the sport of drifting. A few months ago I got together with Josh from the DeadBeats drift team at his shop/home on Vancouver Island. He invited me into his home, we hung out and he showed me around his shop. We swapped stories and upheld the traditional ‘decal swap’ that is common amongst all car enthusiasts. Unfortunately Josh didn’t have any cars that were ready to be driven at the time, so we made plans to get together in the future and ‘shred the gnar.’

Two months later Josh and I were able to meet up once again, along with some other car friends through DeadBeats. I’m not going to expose any other ‘gushy’ details of the location or the experience. If you’ve ever wondered if there was a place in Canada that is similar to the mountain roads in Japan, this place would be it — with a Canadian twist.

‘Streeting’ is obviously a touchy subject, but I can never avoid the attraction I have for it if it’s done in a safe and controlled way. I don’t mean to push any buttons, but I hope you can at least enjoy this short film.



  • Streeting is a touchy subject, and is usually something that is never talked about or shown off in videos. Its bring illegitimacy to the motorsport and shows a complete disregard for the other people in the area.

    This is a heated subject on the island due to increased friction between authorities and residential occupants.

    Keep it off the streets, or at the very least, dont brag/name names and show people doing it.

  • To say that streeting is never talked about or shown off in videos is virtually the same as saying going fast in a car is never videotaped or talked about. It happens all the time and there are thousands of videos of street drifting. Type drifting into Youtube and see how many videos pop up.

    I’m not quite sure that you mean by saying “its bring illegitimacy” but if anything I’m positive this video shows that drifting can be done how it started on EMPTY mountain roads without a single person in the area.

    You’re obviously from the area and have issues with the people driving as you specifically called out the certain drivers.

    It’s quite obvious it was done in a controlled manner without people anywhere in site and only a few runs were done. I think it was an excellent video and I look forward to seeing similar videos

    Keep up the great work Devin and DODOlogic

  • That is why no one will remember your name, “Concnerd Drifter”.

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