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Feature: Out at the the Shop

For those of you who follow some of the other contributors on Instagram, you’re probably aware of this place. For those of you who don’t, welcome to the shop. This is where work gets done on some of the cars you see posted on DODOlogic.

Winters in Saskatchewan are long and cold, and sometimes a garage isn’t enough. That’s where this shop came in. A few of the guys got together and rented a bunch of space so they didn’t have to worry about winter. It is kind of like a collective space where cool things happen.

Carter Jackson’s S14 mostly uses the shop as nice place to hibernate while he does the odd job on his car. It’s probably the most put-together of all of the cars in the shop.

Jason Gellner’s S14 is receiving some upgrades in the aesthetics department: a new kit, fresh paint and a set of Weds will define his car next season. Jason was in the middle of constructing some bash bars when this photo was taken.

Jordan Hall has both of his cars out there. The Miata is getting cleaned up for another season of drifting and his FD is a work bench.

Some wall taps remind me what his Miata looked like before it became a track car. It is about to under go another drastic transformation, but that’s a story for another day.

Currently the engine is getting freshened up for another season of abuse and all of the wiring is also being cleaned up.

Corey Gies’ is currently re-building his 1J for this JZX81, cleaning the engine bay and also getting ready to equip it with some Serial Nine areo.

That’s a middle-of-the-off-season update from some of us here in Saskatchewan. We’ll check back with these guys later on for another update.

Well to be fair, the visit didn’t end there. We actually took Carter’s S14 out into the cold winter day for some action shots, but let’s talk about that some other time.

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