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Event: SEMA 2012: Part 1

As you all should know by now DODOlogic made the trip to SEMA again this year. I decided to tag along for my first ever trip into the United States and in my eyes I couldn’t have made a better decision. SEMA has always been something I wanted to attend so to me it is a dream come true. Tuesday, I was only able to scale roughly 1/4 of the show since I had to be at the finale of the Global RallyCross in the afternoon.  I have to say I was already thoroughly impressed with the quality and quantity of cars.

Next up we will be walking through the Performance and Race section, I can’t even fathom how it will stack up against the Wheel and Tire section I walked through today!

This wide body Audi TT race car really stuck out to me on the way into the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Along with the Audi this baby blue RWB Porsche made venturing into the Convention Center a long process.

It is no surprise to anyone that FRS are all the rage at this years SEMA, this one is neither the first or last you will see on DODOlogic.

Sitting at the Vossen booth was this gorgeous C63 AMG Black Edition, it is safe to say it is one of my favorite cars I have seen at SEMA so far.

458’s have a strong presence this year, I have seen this particular one on the internet a handful of times, seeing it in real life is so much cooler!

At first we all thought this old school whip was a Datsun, but, after glancing at the car and realizing it had Corolla Levin badges we felt a bit amazed. This car was gorgeous, Enkei really knows how to display old school wheels!

That is a LB kit on a Mercielago, the collaboration between Liberty Walk and the mind behind Rocket Bunny couldn’t have turned out better!

Evasive killed it on this wide bodied FRS!

What is a SEMA post without showing off some of the lovely ladies that up the beauty factor of SEMA? I have a few pictures of these said women I will leave you off with, enjoy!

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