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Local Feature:”Di” Garage

Far away from my hometown, deep in the Queen City exists a sublime garage where magic is being torqued, hand tighten and wrenched. This place has secretly seen some of the most well known street-roaming machines in Regina.

Ranging from mildly modified Hondas such as this clean Integra GSR brought from BC a few years ago by Jordan Hall,  one of our dodo contributors…

… to this local built EK.

Not only relying in hosting splendid four bangers, it was once also shelter to this beautiful snow white Skyline GTR.

Last but not least, currently being worked on and possibly one of the most anticipated builds of the season. Here is a little tease for those who have not been able to see it in person. Expect more of it soon!

We appreciate the collaboration of Cuong Nguyen providing us with the magic captured through his view finder. Cheers!


  • very well written! short, sweet, exciting, this is great content, keep it up and I look forward to the full post.

  • Appreciate the feature and awesome coverage as always Luis! Hope you’ve got one coming for Driven , the show was unreal

  • most anticipated is right…

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