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Prosport Gauges

We are a few months away from when people start to take their rides out of hiding or put on the finishing touches.  A part that a lot of people desire are new gauges to make sure everything is running properly.  One company that should be considered is Prosport, they offer Defi style gauges, inexpensive price tags, and accurate readings.

They offer a wide variety of different styles, sizes, colours and combinations of colours, and all gauges perform an opening and closing ceremony.  Prosport came out with their latest Evo style gauge at Sema 2010 which are only 1.5 inches thick and offer the dual display making it easy for quick glance reading and exact numerical accuracy.   The Evo style gauges also received 4 awards from the judges at Sema 2010, which was an industry first.

I have personally used these gauges and am extremely satisfied with the easy installation, performance and quality.  Prosport has been around for a long time and has been expanding their product line over the years to more than just gauges, so make sure to check them out as they offer more parts than you think for your project.

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