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On the Road with DODO: Non-Stop

We don’t usually post about our trips back.  In the blog world we just magically show up at home with no indication of how we got there.  The reason for this is simple, we are usually too grumpy to discuss the trip home and most of the time people just want to get home.  Well this time it is a bit different, we will share our misery with you.

As you can imagine we left with more then when we arrived.  I was tired so I let Yoda do the heavy lifting.  You may think this embarrassing to read but imagine having to set up the shot in valet pick-up of Planet Hollywood.

By 11:30 Am we we’re settled in and ready to go.  However, we had forgotten the time change that would occur on our 25 hour road trip home, so it was in fact 12:30 PM.

The first part of the trip is always fine as you are still in the heat.  After six hours of driving we found ourselves in the mountains.  No more sunshine, just a little bit of snow and a lot of mountains.  The fact that the we were somewhere by the old DC Mountain Lab was little consolation.

The snow eventually ended and the highway took us to Wyoming.  There wasn’t much to be seen and passing the 12-hour mark of being in car leaves you with little to do.

Some point around the 2:30 AM mark I decided to get some sleep.  After that a large part of the trip was a blur.

The sun had came up and we eventually crossed the border back into Canada.  There were two cars that made the trip. The car that I was in had no problems at the border,  the second car got tied up a little.  But, by this time it was noon and we were on the final stretch so we on the advice of the Jedi council we decided to leave them to fend for themselves.

We were happy to arrive home and it turns out we beat a major snow storm by 12 hours.  So over a 25-hour period we went from deserts to snow storms.  I can’t wait for summer in another 6 months!

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  • Amen on the last sentence!

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