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Shawn Hawley : DMCC Round 4

Whats up DODOlogic readers, Shawn here with my recap of DMCC Round 4 Pentiction…

Wow, Penticton BC what a way to end the DMCC West Season!!! Amazing weather, great track, great friends, and my best finish ever.


The weekend started with an overnight drive from Edmonton to Penticton, that included many stops for coffee, energy drinks, and one stop to help out a fellow driver with a blown out trailer tire.

With getting there a day early, there was only one logical thing to do in Penticton, wake up all the other drivers and go float down the channel in tubes! If your in Penticton during the summer you have to do this!!

Saturday morning we arrived nice and early to Penticton Speedway, a ¼ mile paved oval track nestled in the mountains overlooking the Okanagan valley.

After getting all set up, on my first practice run I noticed my steering didn’t feel right, so I pulled into the pits and we got the car in the air to find that my downpipe was hitting steering shaft causing the steering to lock up. But thanks to my Chief Engineer Rob, we were able to adjust the bracket just in time for the second practice session


The track started out with a left handed sweeper keeping it close to the bank on the outside wall, there were a couple cars that came a little too close to this wall.

Then moved to a tight inner clipping point right off the center of the bank to a long infield stretch that you would just power through, gaining heavy speed

Coming into a right inner clip point then transferring to an outer clipping point along one of the inner walls

Finishing around one last clip, and powering around a left hairpin onto the front straight in front of the crowd.

Due to a couple of other drivers making love with the wall, I was only able to get in four practice runs before qualifications. However I was confident in those four runs I had the track locked down.

With my Clarion stereo blaring some LMFAO I landed a 6th place qualification out of a field of 21 drivers from Alberta and BC.

The following day was our top 16 competition placing me up against Matt Haase in his V8 powered Pontiac GTO

After some light contact between the two of us and a one more time call I came out victorious and moved on to top 8.

Next I was up once again against Aaron Day in his 240sx, this was my 3rd time battling Aaron this year with each of us having a win

Unfortunately for Aaron I came out with the win after a close tandem battle.

Wow was I ever stoked!! I made it to the Finals!!! Now it was time to run against Steve Thompson in his Drift Union Toyota Soarer.

and damn that car has some crazy angle, it was a hard battle but Steve ended up moving on to the final battle for first place.

Next up the battle for 3rd place against Shawn Browne in his Drift Union Mazda RX7, I came in fast on him the first run, getting a little close with my front end hitting his rear bumper causing him to spin out, Picture more of a full on police style pit maneuver

During our One More Time run Shawn came out ahead landing him in 3rd place and setting my final position in 4th for Drift Mania Penticton. When the points were all calculated, with this finish I was landed in 5th overall making this my best season yet in DMCC.

With the car battered and bruised we loaded up onto the trailer, hit up Club535 in Penticton where they hosted an awesome after party for us! Chilled out on the beach one day then hit the road back to Alberta!!

Penticton was by far my favorite event of the year, super fun track, met some great people, and got to chill out in the sun for a couple days! Big thanks to everyone that came to help out, Handsome Rob Racing, Tony, Jesse, Sahun Lund and Beamer for accommodations at Club535 then of course Ben and Justus from Mission. Also big thanks go out to my sponsors Clarion Car Audio Canada, Certified Radio, Wheels-Plus and Clutch Masters!

See you guys next year!!

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