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Store Spotlight: RHD Japan

When we were in Vegas for the SEMA show, one shop I wasn’t expecting to see was RHD Japan. In fact, I almost walked right by it. It was only when Ryan poked me, motioned towards the booth and said, “Hey, check it out!” that I saw this little gem of SEMA.

Before I start, I’m sure you’re all aware of the earthquake and tsunami that impacted Japan on March 11th. RHD Japan is located in – you guessed it – Japan. In fact, they operate in Tokyo, almost 100 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. From all of us here at DODOlogic, we send our thoughts and prayers out to them, and their friends and families.

When I met Russ from RHD Japan at Sema, he was exactly the same nice guy who I had dealt with via email when buying parts. We shared a few stories back and forth, and he even invited us out for TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon). Like I said, a really nice guy, and who better than him to represent RHD Japan, which has customers around the world. And why is that? Not only do they carry your run-of-the-mill JDM parts, but they also source the some of the RAREST, more sought-after JDM parts on the planet.

Even in their small booth, they managed to cram a showcase that included a new exhaust for a GTR, SARD fuel rails, APP brake calipers, and my favorite, pictured below: Purply SuperNow suspension for the FD3S. Drool.

If you’ve never been to RHD Japan’s website, prepare to be slammed in the face by big name brands, like HKS, Tomei, and Sun Line!

The site is almost constantly being updated with whatever new products the company can get their hands on. Check out their latest update, which includes Aragosta coil-overs. $3,100, you say? Maybe another time.

RHD Japan deals with everything from Spoon cross mission gears sets to Project mu brakes, and RS Watanabe center caps to Vertex aero kits. You name it, they probably have it.

They also have a “Ridez” section, where you can upload your own vehicle and be rated by the public to win a gift card! Check it out – You might also notice my white RX7 under previous months winners 😉

You can’t go wrong dealing with these guys; great communication, great store and sourcing abilities, and really fast shipment times. I hope to run into them again sometime soon, perhaps at their own shop – while attending TAS? We will see!

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