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CIAS: Coming to America or something like that.

It has come to my attention that Fiat has reached our portion of the prairies, so what better time to post up some pics.  Fiat has been putting their name out there in a big way hoping to to make a big impact, at least at the shows I have been at.

I have a few Fiat pictures archived from other car shows but for now we will focus on the International Auto Show.

Fiat had some pretty prime real estate at the show, in fact they were the first thing you saw as you entered the show. They pretty much circled the entrance.

As you probably noticed in the other picture they were flaunting some hood art.  There were a few variations in the designs but a closer inspection revealed it was in fact vinyl.

For the most part the Fiat display resembled an Apple store everything was white and simple, sure there was a few splashes of color but still pretty clean.  I wonder how these cars will fare over here,  what do you think?

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  • I think due to sheer economy and everyone wanting to go “Green” that these cars will probably do well here. But the thing I believe will hinder their popularity is the sheer lack of aftermarket even OEM support here. No one wants to buy something and then have the hastle of waiting a couple of weeks on shipping for some simple litte part. But who know’s I cant wait to see them out on the streets!

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