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It has been almost four months of being car-less, so I thought it would be convenient to post my RC car.  It is actually a stock Nitro RS4 2 nitro car, which with some minor modifications will hopefully become a drift car.  I don’t know how long this hobby  has been around, but the more I dig, the more I find.  People have been practicing it for years and it seems to be getting bigger at an exponential rate. RC Drifting has caught the eye of famous sites such as SpeedHunters, posting videos and articles about massive collections of scale model cars and RC cars. The usual platform chosen for this activity are electric cars, mine on the other hand is fuel powered. At first my thoughts were “more power more fun”, but then I found out that  it is more difficult to drift according to reliable sources. Being an overpowered platform some changes need to be made to smooth up the controls.

The new version, RS4 3, is the actual drift machine made by HPI Racing. In order to cope with some features that my car does not have, I will be looking into buying the RS4 3 chassis layout. The RS4 4 has been completely revised by the HPI Japan design team for optimal drifting. The engine and center gearbox are moved forward to help the car rotate smoothly, and special shock springs are tuned for drifting. Also Type A drift radial tires are included, with hard compound rubber for controllable high speed nitro drifting.

Power comes from the potent G3.0 nitro engine (.18 Cu. In.), with excess power for tire smoking drift action. A large diameter tube header and a new rear exhaust muffler (muffler to be bought) system routes the engine smoke out the back of the car for scale realism and clean operation. A single speed transmission delivers the consistent throttle response needed for drifting. And, the G3.0 is equipped with a pull-starter for quick and easy starting.

The RS4 2  has many of the features found on our popular RTR Nitro RS4 2 Evo+, making it a great car for parking lot drifters. The tough 4WD shaft drive system keeps the drivetrain running smoothly even in parking lots that are not completely free of rocks. The enclosed receiver/battery box keeps the electronics protected from the elements and makes clean-up a snap. A stiff purple anodized aluminum 2.5mm chassis prevents flex for consistent handling and extra durability. Some chassis parts were replaced by carbon fiber for weight reduction, enhancing the weight distribution on the apex and throttle response on launches.

Luckily I also acquired an extra car which will be used mostly for parts as I do not know yet how often thing will be breaking down. As a side note, I cant wait to wrap those WORK Meisters with rubber and rip with style…

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  • me and you can tandem this summer, i have an electric drift car its so much fun.

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